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Cronholm, S; Goldkuhl, G; (2003) Six Generic Types of Information Systems Evaluation. accepted to the 10th European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation (ECITE-2003), Madrid
Cronholm, S; Goldkuhl, G; (2003) Strategies for Information Systems Evaluation - Six Generic Types. Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation, Vol 6, Issue 2
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Eriksson, O; (2003) To denominate and characterise in the context of information systems. Accepted to ECIS 2003 The 11th European Conference on Information System, Naples, Italy, June 19-21, 2003
Hedström, K; Cronholm, S; Goldkuhl, G; (2003) Utveckling av hemtjänst genom IT och verksamhetskunnande. Kvalitet 2003 7-9/10-03, Göteborg, Sverige
Hedström, K; Eliason, E; (2003) Views of Computerization: The Tale of CareSys . In Proceedings of the 26th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS 2003),August 9 - 12 2003, Haikko, Finland.
Cronholm, S; Goldkuhl, G; (2002) Actable Information Systems - Quality Ideals Put Into Practice. Presented at the Eleventh Conference On Information Systems (ISD 2002). 12-14 September, Riga, Latvia
Goldkuhl, G; Lind, M; (2002) Continuing the dialogue: Generic layers for business interaction. in Proc of the 7th Int Workshop on the Language Action Perspective (LAP2002), Delft
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