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Axelsson, K; Melin, U; Kock, H; (2001) Arenor för gemensam kunskapsbildning – exempel från två samverkansprojekt. Presenterat på Högskolor och Samhälle i Samverkan (HSS’01), 9-11 maj 2001, Halmstad
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Axelsson, K; Avdic, A; (2001) IT management during Acquisition of ERP-systems - Experiences from Goal Dialogs at two Companies. in Remenyi D, Brown A (Eds., 2001) Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on IT Evaluation, pp. 293-301
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Hultgren, G; (2001) The Development of new IT Based Services through Organisational Networks - an outline for a doctoral thesis.. Conference for the Promotion of Research in IT at New Universities and at the University Colleges in Sweden. The Knowledge Foundation, Stockholm
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Melin, U; Axelsson, K; (2000) Images of a Wood Industrial Network - A Multi-Perspective Approach. in Proceeding of the 10th Nordic Workshop on Interorganisational Research, also in: CMTO Research Papers 2000:11
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