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Lind, M; Seigerroth, U; (2000) Organisational learning through team-based reconstruction - going from individual tacit knowledge to shared explicit knowledge. Accepted to the 42nd Annual Conference of the Operational Research Society, 12-14 september 2000, University of Wales, Swansea
Melin, U; (2000) Product Identity and Coordination - A Case Study of Order Handling in an Organisational Network. In Proceedings of the Nofoma Conference, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark, also in: CMTO Research Papers 2000:14
Melin, U; Axelsson, K; (2000) Images of a Wood Industrial Network - A Multi-Perspective Approach. in Proceeding of the 10th Nordic Workshop on Interorganisational Research, also in: CMTO Research Papers 2000:11
  Oscarson, P; (2000) Managing Information Security in a Small IT-service Company: A Case Study.
  Pellikka, M; (2000) The value based computer artefact. Challenges illustrated by case studies in municipal context.
Ågerfalk, P; Oscarson, P; Petersson, J; (2000) The Ability to Act Secure: A Key Success Factor for Local Internet-based Marketplaces. In Doing IT Together, Proceedings of the 23rd Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia (IRIS 23), 12–15 August 2000, Lingatan, Sweden, Vol. 2, (Eds, Svensson L, et al.) Uddevalla, Sweden: University of Trollhättan Uddevalla, pp. 869–881
  Axelsson, K; Eriksson, O; (1999) Informationssystemarkitekturer och väginformatik - Rekonstruktion och värdering av två metoder för att skapa informationssystemarkitekturer inom transportområdet. CMTO Research Paper No 1999:05, Linköpings universitet, även utgiven i Working Papers in Transport, Tourism and Communication, T&S Working Paper 1999:13, Högskolan Dalarna
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  Axelsson, K; Melin, U; Goldkuhl, G; Adolfson, G; (1999) Inter-organisatorisk affärssamverkan inom träindustrin - Resultat från en förstudie. CMTO Research Papers 1999:01, Linköpings universitet, presenterat på Förändringskraft, Linköpings universitet, 28 januari, 1999
  Axelsson, K; Melin, U; Goldkuhl, G; Adolfson, G; (1999) Inter-organisational Business Development in the Wood Industry - Results of a Pilot Study. in Larimo J, Kock S (Eds, 2000), Recent Studies in Interorganizational and International Business Research, Report no 58, Vaasa, pp 11-34
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