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Goldkuhl, G; Ågerfalk, P; (1998) Action Within Information Systems: Outline of a Requirements Engineering Method. In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering: Foundations of Software Quality (REFSQ’98), 8–9 June 1998, Pisa, Italy, (Eds, Dubois E, et al.) Namur, Belgium: Presses universitaires de Namur, pp. 133–154
  Hedström, K; (1998) A theoretical framework for analysing co-operation between practitioners and researchers.
  Lind, M; (1998) Affärsinriktad förändringsanalys – En metod för att skapa förutsättningar för goda affärer.
Lind, M; Goldkuhl, G; (1998) Service Development as Action and Communication – from process reconstruction to process redesign. Accepted to the Twelfth Biennial ITS Conference (ITS’98) - Beyond Convergence, 21-24 juni 1998, Stockholm
Lind, M; (1998) Modelling Business Communication Differently - A Comparison between Business Action Theory and Dynamic Essential Modelling of Organisations. Working paper, Borås Studies of Information Systems, University College of Borås
  Melin, U; (1998) Information Technology’s Role in Process Oriented Organizations — suitable features of, and strategies for IT.
Lind, M; (1998) Comparing two business modelling approaches in the language action perspective. i Goldkuhl G., Lind M., Seigerroth U. (Eds): Proceedings of the Third International Workshop – The Language Action Perspective on Communication Modelling. Jönköping International Business School
  Ritschel, W; Melin, U; (1998) Developing IT-tools that Support Organizational Change by Means of User Centered Design.
  Tolis, C; Nilsson, A; (1998) Business Models and IS/IT in Process Orientation.
Ågerfalk, P; Goldkuhl, G; (1998) Elicitation and Analysis of Actability Requirements. In Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Conference on Requirements Engineering (ACRE'98), 26–27 October 1998, Geelong, Vic, Australia, (Eds, Fowler D and Dawson L) Geelong, Vic, Australia: Deakin university, pp. 14–28
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