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  Adolfson, G; Melin, U; Markgren, F; (2000) Samverkan och affärsutveckling i träkedjan - ett sågverk i förändring.
Axelsson, K; Goldkuhl, G; Melin, U; (2000) Using Business Action Theory for Dyadic Analysis. 10th Nordic Workshop on Interorganisational Research, Trondheim 18-20 augusti, CMTO Research Papers 2000:10
  Eriksson, O; (2000) Communication Quality in the Context of Information Systems and Business Processes.
  Eriksson, O; (2000) Kommunikationskvalitet en viktig förutsättning i samband med affärsprocesser.
  Eriksson, O; (2000) Kommunikationskvalitet och användbarhet.
  Eriksson, O; Axelsson, K; (2000) Analys av NVDB-konceptet.
  Eriksson, O; Axelsson, K; (2000) ITS systems architectures - from vision to reality. presented at the 7th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, Turino, Italy, 6-9 november 2000, även utgiven i Working Papers in Transport, Tourism and Communication, T&S Working Paper, 2000:5, Högskolan Dalarna
Goldkuhl, G; Braf, E; (2000) Organisational Ability - constituents and congruencies. Accepted to OR42, Swansea, Wales
Goldkuhl, G; Ågerfalk, P; (2000) Actability: A Way to Understand Information Systems Pragmatics. Presented at the 3rd Intl. Workshop on Organizational Semiotics, Stafford, UK, 4 July 2000
  Lind, M; Persborn, M; (2000) Knowledge Management in a broker context – the role of a broker in the knowledge transfer process.
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