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  Publicerad: 2005-10-27 10:24:39
Best Paper Award till Stefan Cronholm

VITS-forskaren Stefan Cronholm deltog 6-9 oktober på Information Systems Education Conference (ISECON 2005), Columbus, Ohio, USA. Detta är en stor konferens om utbildning inom informationssystemområdet. Han presenterade där sitt papper ”Nine Principles for Designing a Study Program”. För detta papper tilldelades han pris för konferensens bästa papper ‘Best Paper Award’.

Artikeln kan laddas hem härifrån.


This paper outlines nine key principles to consider when designing a study program. Design principles are essential when revising education programs in the field of information systems due to the rapid changes in business technique. These principles are generated from an empirical study concerning the development of a modified study program. The principles identified are: Vision; Traceability; Progression and Integration; Manning the development project and anchoring decisions; Pedagogy; Mandatory vs. free choice of courses; Implementation; Evaluation and Marketing. These are compared to a list of criteria generated by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education and the outcome of this comparison is that several of the principles can also be used for the evaluation of study programs. The research has been carried out as action research. This means that there has been an intervention in the process of the designing the study program. The target groups of this paper are study boards, faculty members, teachers and students that are active in different student associations.