SIT Artefact Design & Workpractice Intervention - Accepted papers

Accepted papers ADWI - 2014

Identifying and exploiting tacit processes in design thinking: what can phineas gage teach us about making better systems?

Rob Gleasure and Sheila O'Riordan, Ireland

In search for an innovation theory: A practical theory for inquiry and co-learning

Göran Goldkuhl and Jenny Lagsten, Sweden

Learning analytics evaluation: an examination of practice

Phelim Murnion, Ireland

Challenges in IT service management: institution vs. improvisation

Göran Goldkuhl and Malin Nordström, Sweden

Who’s up Next? A design science research project to support succession management through information systems

Christian Tornack, Björn Pilarski and Matthias Schumann, Germany

The Development of a Public/Private Model for the Crowd-funding and Crowdsourcing of Scientific Research Projects

Eoin Cullina, Lorraine Morgan and Kieran Conboy, Ireland

Data Quality in Ubiquitous Computing - Suitability of Design Science Research?

Plamen Petkov and Markus Helfert, Ireland

Applicability of Focus Groups in a Design Science Project

Patrick Brandtner, Austria, Markus Helfert, Ireland, Andreas Auinger and Kurt Gaubinger, Austria

The Need for Empirical Grounding of Design Science Research Methodology

Stefan Cronholm and Hannes Göbel, Sweden

Family of practices – designing artefacts in context

Paul Johannesson and Erik Perjons, Sweden