IT Artefact Design & Workpractice Intervention

Electronic Proceedings ADWI Workshop - 2013

Richard Baskerville & Jan Pries-Heje Discovering the significance of scientific design practice: new science wrapped in old science? Slides
Rob Gleasure What is a ‘wicked problem’ for IS research? Slides
Göran Goldkuhl Action research vs. design research: Using practice research as a lens for comparison and integration Slides
Stefan Holgersson & Ulf Melin Pragmatic dilemmas in action research - Doing action research with or without the approval of top management?
Jonas Sjöström & Pär Ågerfalk Architecting social interaction: experiences from e-health design research in the U-CARE program Slides
Stefan Cronholm & Hannes Göbel Action Design Research: Expanding the scope
Paul Johannesson, Erik Perjons & Ilia Bider What are the siblings of design science? Slides
Nick Harrop, Alan Gillies & Trevor Wood-Harper Investigating and assisting the practice of healthcare commissioning in the United Kingdom Slides
Jenny Lagsten & Malin Nordström Investigating rationality, in concept and use, in a model for IT maintenance and governance Slides
Hans Weigand & Aldo de Moor Improving communication and collaboration in social innovation projects - a pragmatic research agenda Slides
Rodney J. Clarke Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Views of Developer Workpractices Slides
Gabriel Costello & Brian Donnellan Symbolic interactionism and the cell information board: challenging the wisdom of systems Slides
Nathan Lakew & Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund The equipment nature of ‘the so-called’ IT Artifacts – Holistic ontology based IS design principles Slides