IT Artefact Design & Workpractice Improvement


Call for papers - Topics

The workshop can include papers from diverse fields of IS. We do not try to enumerate such fields below; we only present three broad topic areas (as three main pragmatic orientations). We invite papers to ADWI-2013 in the following areas:
  • The design, selection, adaptation and use of research methods and approaches that emphasise improvement of, collaboration with and intervention in IS practices (e.g. approaches like action research, design research, evaluation research, practice research, engaged scholarship).
  • The generation and use of practice, activity, agency, action oriented theories (or other types of knowledge) about IS phenomena.
  • Different kinds of knowledge (e.g. practical theories, frameworks, models, methods) that contribute to the improvement of IS practices. This includes examples of such knowledge from improvement, which can be taken from diverse IS fields.
An information system is always an embedded part of some practice. It is never an isolated entity without relations to social practices. The notion "IS practice", which is used in the topics above, stands for diverse IS related practices like e.g. strategizing, development, procurement, deployment, use, evaluation and service management of IS/IT.