IT Artefact Design & Workpractice Intervention



Theme: Artefact & practice theorizing

Viktor Arvidsson, Jonny Holmström & Kalle Lyytinen: Information systems strategy-as-practice

Göran Goldkuhl: What is an ensemble artefact?

Kai Riemer & Robert B. Johnston: What is IT in use and why does it matter for IS design?

Steven Alter: Is Work system theory a practical theory of practice?

Jenny Lagsten: Thinking about evaluation of information systems that makes work work

Theme: Design research

Arvind Karunakaran, Sandeep Purao & Jingwen He: Designing to support complex organizational work: a pragmatic approach

Markus Helfert & Brian Donnellan: The Case for Design Science Utility - Evaluation of design science artefacts within the IT Capability Maturity Framework

Hannes Göbel & Stefan Cronholm: Design science research in action - experiences from a process perspective

Jonas Sjöström & Brian Donnellan: Design Research Practice - A Product Semantics Interpretation

João Alvaro Carvalho: Validation Criteria For The Outcomes Of Design Research

Matti Rossi, Sandeep Purao & Maung Sein: Generalizing from Design Research

Theme: Practice research

Katrin Jonsson & Per Levén:A relevant issue: six years’ experience of organizing practice - research collaborations in Process IT innovations

Hans Weigand:Collaboration by design – on the use of value modeling in social innovation projects

Göran Goldkuhl & Jenny Lagsten: Different roles of evaluation in information systems research

Marie-Therese Christiansson & Klas Granström: Sharpening the BPM knowledge transfer in a practice research design – a case study