International and Inter-disciplinary Workshop on Practice Research


Submission and importande dates

Dates and submission details
Submissions: March 25, 2011
Notification: April 30, 2011
Final manuscripts: May 25, 2011
Workshop: June 8, 2011, Helsinki, Finland (just before the 19th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS-2011)
Papers are expected to be between 5-15 pages. Submissions should be sent as e-mail attachments to Workshop proceedings will be electronically distributed. Selected papers from the workshop will be forwarded to review and publishing in the journal Systems, Signs & Actions.
Workshop topics

Possible topics for the workshop (not an exhaustive list; related issues are welcome):

  • Pragmatic foundations for practice research
  • What is meant by a practice turn in science?
  • The practice notion; typical features of (work)practices
  • Socio-materiality of practices
  • Different roles in practices; professionals vs. clients
  • Studying communities of practices
  • Studying virtual practices
  • Improvement of practices through research
  • Practice research and the development of professions
  • Understanding practices from inside vs. outside
  • Researcher - practitioner collaborations
  • Practitioner involvement in research
  • Ethical concerns in practice research
  • Single-practice vs. cross-practice research (case study design)
  • Strategies and methods for inquiry in practices
  • Qualitative data collection in practice research
  • Exploration and learning in practice research
  • Interpretation, understanding and intervention in practice research
  • Grounding strategies in practice research (induction, abduction, multi-grounding)
  • Reflection, conceptualisation and theorizing in practice research
  • Practice research as engaged scholarship
  • Action research as practice research
  • Design research as practice research
  • Evaluation as practice research
  • Practice research with a positive lens
  • Critical research in practice research
  • Epistemological foundations of practice research
  • Knowledge for local vs. general practice
  • Situated vs. abstract knowledge in practice research
  • Knowledge results; concepts, theories, methods, models and artefacts
  • Practical theories, design theories, practice theories, activity theories, action theories
  • Examples of practice research
  • Practice research in social work, information systems and other fields