Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems


  Invited paper: Geoff Walsham, Knowledge Management Systems: Action and Representation 586Kb (135Kb)

Theme: Action fundamentals

  Author Paper  
  Göran Goldkuhl Meanings of pragmatism: Ways to conduct information systems research 154Kb (180Kb)
  Jeremy Rose, Matthew Jones The Double Dance of Agency: a socio-theoretic account of how machines and humans interact 212Kb (226Kb)
  Lars Taxén Articulating coordination of human activity - the Activity Domain Theory 164Kb (1622Kb)

Theme: Action and process modelling

  Author Paper  
  Anders Hjalmarsson, Mikael Lind Managing the dynamic agenda in process modelling seminars - enhancing communication quality in process modelling 192Kb (268Kb)
  Peter Bøgh Andersen Analysing and Diagramming Complex Heterogeneous Activities 171Kb (248Kb)
  Lars Bækgaard Event-Based Activity Modeling 171Kb (194Kb)


Theme: Implementation and usage of IT-systems - action and change perspectives

  Author Paper  
  Jonas Sjöström, Pär J. Ågerfalk Analysis of communicative features of user interfaces 274Kb (350Kb)
  Mark Aakhus Understanding the Socio-Technical Gap: A case of GDSS Facilitation 331Kb (162Kb)
  Keld Bødker, Kristian B. Bøving Implementation of Groupware Technology in a Large Organization - implications from an empirical study 187Kb (178Kb)
  Rodney Clarke System Succession and the Computerisation of Workpractices 96Kb (255Kb)
  Mikael Lind, Jan Olausson Balancing horizontal and vertical co-ordination in business transactions - Towards a clarification of the role of IT-systems in an e-commerce setting 320Kb (254Kb)