International and Inter-disciplinary Workshop on Practice Research



There is a growing recognition that research in professional practices needs approaches that well reflect the character of such practices. It is necessary to adapt ontology, epistemology and methodology. How should we conduct inquiries in workpractices? What kind of knowledge is expected? What are the driving knowledge interests? How is practical relevance ensured? What kinds of interventions are adequate in work practices? How should we arrange cooperation between researchers and practitioners? There are several pending issues. The interest for an adapted research approach on workpractices is growing. This can be seen in several disciplines. Such a research orientation can be labelled practice research. Practice research can comprise different research approaches such as action research, interactive research, design research, evaluation research, pragmatic inquiry and collaborative inquiry among others. 

What has been stated above motivates an inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange on practice research. An international and inter-disciplinary workshop on Practice research will be arranged. We welcome researchers from many fields for an open and constructive knowledge exchange. The organisers of this workshop come from the disciplines of Information systems and Social work. We welcome paper submissions from these disciplines as well as others. The workshop will follow an ordinary scientific procedure with submission of papers and selection of papers through peer-review (pursued by an international and interdisciplinary program committee).