Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems

Lars Bækgaard
Interaction in information systems - beyond human-computer interaction
Peter Bellström, Sten Carlsson
Language Aspects of Conceptual Databases Design
Rodney Clarke, Aneesh Krishna
Embedding Social Processes into Agent-Oriented Conceptual Models
Owen Eriksson, Anders Forsman
The functionality of conceptual standards in the e-service production process
Tim French, Kecheng Liu, Mark Springett
Towards an E-Service Semiotic Trust Framework
Henk Gazendam
The aspect-phase model from the viewpoint of LAP and organizational semiotics
Ulf Larsson, Britt-Marie Johansson, Göran Goldkuhl
Revealing the Complexity of Customer Communication in Distance Shopping
Göran Goldkuhl, Annie Röstlinger
Context in focus: transaction and infrastructure in workpractices
Sandra Haraldson, Mikael Lind
Contextual Understanding of Dyadic Relationships
Jonny Holmstrom, Duane Truex III
Drop your tools: A critical exploration of theoretical explanations of technological change
Netta Iivari
User Involvement in IT Artifact Product Development – A Critical Poststructuralist Review
Stefano De Paoli , Gianni Jacucci
Actability requirements specification using the concept of verstehen: The case of a Tourism Information System
Peter Rittgen
Towards a Language for Business Action Theory
Nicklas Salomonson, Mikael Lind
IT in Service Encounters – Studying Conversations to Determine IT-enabled Actions
Lars Taxén
Cognitive Grounding of Activity Modalities
Sean Eade, Pär Ågerfalk
Exploring Actability Dimensions in Practice: A Critical Evaluation
Invited speaker: Rikard Lindgren, IT University, Göteborg