Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems


Special mini tracks

This year we will have two special mini-tracks on the ALOIS Conference:

  • human vs. machine agency
  • action modelling

Human vs. machine agency
This mini-track addresses one the most important conceptual issues within a pragmatic perspective on IS and organisation. How shall we conceive what is done in an IT artefact in relation to human action? Is it possible to talk about machine agency? What are the differences and similarities between human and machine agency? These questions also relate to issues on how to conceive organisational action. Can we say that an organisation act? What are the action relations between organisations on one hand and human actors and artefacts on the other?

Action modelling
This mini-track addresses issues how to perform action modelling during IS development and evaluation. If pragmatic perspectives should have impact on ISD, then these perspectives need to be operationalised into modelling methods. We are looking for contributions both concerning business process modelling and different aspects of IS modelling. This theme also involves pragmatic realization, that is how action oriented models can be transformed, through technical design and implementation, to actable artefacts.