LAP 2005 - Proceedings

  Proceedings - LAP2005 

Invited paper: Hans Weigand, LAP: 10 years in retrospect

  Author Title
Fahri Yetim A Discourse-Based Meta-Communication Model for Collective Sense-making
Aldo de Moor, Hans Weigand Communication Pattern Analysis in Communities of Practice
Göran Goldkuhl Beyond Communication Loops - Articulating the Principle of Multi-responsiveness
Sandra Haraldson, Mikael Lind Broken Patterns
Mark Aakhus Conversations for Reflection: Designing Support for Reflection-on-Professional Action
Mark Dumay, Jan Dietz, Hans Mulder Evaluation of DEMO and the Language/Action Perspective after 10 years of experience
Hans Weigand, Aldo de Moor Linking Event-driven and Communication Oriented Business Modelling
Peter Rittgen Language Action-Based Simulation of Business Processes
Olov Forsgren, Lars Albinsson Co-Design Metaphors and Scenarios - Two Elements in a Design Language for Co-Design
S.J.B.A.Hoppenbrouwers, H.A.Proper, Th.P.van der Weide Formal Modelling as a Grounded Conversation
Mareike Schoop The Language-Action Perspective and the Semantic Web – A Language-Action Approach to
Electronic Contracts
Dave Oliver ,Greg Whymark, Celia Romm Setting the Scene for ERP Implementation
Ronald Stamper Exploring the Semantics of Communication Acts