CCBP 2005 - Proceedings

  Proceedings - CCBP2005 

  Author Title
Göran Goldkuhl The many facets of communication – a socio-pragmatic conceptualisation for information systems studies
Frank Goethals, Manu De Backer, Wilfried Lemahieu, Monique Snoeck, Jacques Vandenbulcke Dependencies and the Design of Business Processes
Owen Eriksson, Mikael Lind Problems with Communication Quality in Commitment Management
Rodney Clarke Systems Resemblance and Workpractice Evolution: Implications for Work Activity (Re)design
Jan Olausson, Sandra Haraldson Process oriented IS - co-design of business and IS
Anders Carstensen, Kurt Sandkuhl Coordination of Inter-Organisational Healthcare Processes: Experiences from Combining Process- and Document Centred Modelling
  Panel paper:  
Rodney Clarke Communication and Coordination – Fundamental Issues in Business