LAP 2005 - Excursion


Excursion to Abisko, Lapland

On June the 21st we will make an excursion to Abisko, which is located around 110 kilometers northwest of Kiruna. We will in the morning go by bus from Kiruna to Abisko. The wild landscape around Abisko is extraordinary with its mountains, rivers and lakes ( and  

Our plans are before lunch to take a chair-lift to Mount Nuolja ( After lunch we plan take a walk along the river of Abiskojåkka in the Abisko National Park ( We will after a day of intensive nature experiences go back by bus to Kiruna around 6 pm.

Some advices: Bring good shoes to walk for a day in a wild landscape. We are in the archtic part of the world. It may be a temperature of only 5 centigrade, but it can be a lot warmer. It can be rain all day, but it can be sunny all day also. Bring appropriate clothes! If it is warm it is a risk that the season of mosquitoes has started – it is however usually a bit later than our visit.

There will be no professional guide on this excursion. You participate on your own risk and responsibility.