Communication and Coordination in Business Processes


Even if some management fads like business process reengineering, appear to be outdated, process orientation seems to be here to stay. Almost every organisation describes its activities nowadays in terms of business processes. The industrial view of business processes as a refinement of raw material into finished products has been challenged as the only possible perspective on business processes. The significance of communication and coordination in business processes has been emphasised in many theoretical and practical approaches. In order to develop information systems for business process it is necessary to describe and evaluate coordination and communication. This research workshop is devoted to issues of communication and coordination in business processes. Questions to be addressed include but are not limited to the coordination of work within and between organisations; the role of
information technology in coordination of business processes; modelling, evaluation and business processes (re)design; as well as what infrastructures are needed for communication and coordination in business processes.

Besides these evident practical issues there are other issues of more conceptual and theoretical character which must be addressed like: How are the concepts of communication and coordination related to each other? What is coordinated in business processes? What is the role of human beings vs information technology in business processes?