Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems

Wednesday, March 12

  09.00-09.40 Registration
  09.40-10.00 Welcome and introduction, Göran Goldkuhl (workshop chair)
  10.00-11.00 Invited talk: Saying and doing. Instrumental and semiotic activities in the maritime domain, Peter Bøgh Andersen, University of Aalborg, Denmark
    Theme: Developing IS in an action and service context
  11.10-12.00 The significance of workpractice diagnosis: Socio-pragmatic ontology and epistemology of change analysis, Göran Goldkuhl & Annie Röstlinger, Linköping University, Sweden


  13.15-13.45 Improvisation in action: Making sense of IS development in organizations, Jørgen Bansler & Erling Havn, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  13.45-14.25 Comments on "Improvisation in action: Making sense of IS development in organizations", Discussant: Mikael Lind, University College of Borås, Sweden
  14.35-15.05 IT artefacts in IT services: Toward a taxonomy, Petteri Kaitovaara & Markku Nurminen, University of Turkku, Finland
  15.05-15.45 Comments on "IT artefacts in IT services: Toward a taxonomy", Discussant: Owen Eriksson, Dalarna University, Sweden
  15.45-16.15 Coffee break
  16.15-17.30 Panel discussion: Does an action perspective on organisations help the IS designer?, Rodney Clarke, Staffordshire University, UK, Göran Goldkuhl, Linköping University, Sweden, Mareike Schoop, Aachen Technical University, Germany
  19.30- Conference dinner (at Hotel Ekoxen)

 Thursday, March 13

    Theme: IS in context - conceptualising and modelling
Theme: Design of IS - evaluating benefits and effects
  9.00-9.40 The problem of agency: How humans act, how machines act, Jeremy Rose, University of Aalborg, Denmark, Mathew Jones, University of Cambridge, UK & Duane Truex, Florida International University, USA The D.EU.PS model - a tool for studying effects of information systems design, Emma Eliasson & Pär Ågerfalk, Örebro University, Sweden
  9.45-10.25 Context engineering: An IS development approach, Licínio Roque, Ana Almeida, António Dias de Figueiredo , University of Coimbra, Portugal Socio-pragmatical analysis of IS actability evaluation heuristics, Jonas Sjöström, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden
  10.25-10.50 Coffee break
  10.50-11.30 The diversity of work practices - challenging the existing notions of business process types, Mikael Lind, University College of Borås, Sweden Understanding stories of information systems failures, Darren Dalcher, Middlesex University, UK
  11.35-12.15 A communico-normative approach to modelling organisational processes, Andy Salter, Staffordshire University, UK An actor network theory on IT projects: A battle of wills, Anneli Linde, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Henrik Linderoth, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark & Christine Räisänen, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  12.15-13.30 Lunch
  13.30-14.10 The discoursive organisation of action and language in workpractice descriptions, Rodney Clarke, Staffordshire University, UK Actor sensitive evaluation - Who benefits from IS?, Karin Hedström, Örebro University, Sweden
  14.15-14.55 Organisational forms and the distribution of knowledge, René Jorna, University of Groningen, The Netherlands Exploring the Gap between Business and IT: an Information Culture Approach, Valerie Martin, Mark Lycett & Robert Macredie, Brunel University, UK
  15.00-15.30 Concluding session