Forskningsgruppen VITS vid Linköpings universitet
Workpractice development, IT usage, Coordination and Cooperation

VITS is a Swedish research organisation with researchers from six universities. We develop knowledge on

  • Business processes and IT
  • Change management
  • Workpractice renewal
  • Business process modelling and design
  • Methods for co-design of business and IT
  • User participation
  • Requirements engineering
  • Human-computer interaction and organisational action
  • Inter-organisational information systems
  • eBusiness
  • eGovernment
  • Knowledge management, organisational action and learning
  • IT and mobility
  • Information systems evaluation
  • Methods engineering
  • Soft infrastructure
  • Qualitative research methodology

Our research aims at useful knowledge for improvement of practice.

Some recent publications from VITS
 Goldkuhl, G; Grounded Theory in Information Systems Research – from Themes in IS Discourse to Possible Developments
 Goldkuhl, G; Value types in e-government: The digital artifact as value carrier and value contributor
 Goldkuhl, G; The generation of qualitative data in information systems research: the diversity of empirical research methods
 Goldkuhl, G; Sjöström, J; Design science in the field: Practice design research
 Goldkuhl, G; Cronholm, S; Multi-grounded theory – an update
 Goldkuhl, G; Röstlinger, A; Governance of shared digital artifacts in the public sector: A multi-dimensional approach
 Goldkuhl, G; Clarifying and improving the digitization of practices – The research agenda of socio-instrumental practice knowledge
 Goldkuhl, G; Relevance and clarity in information systems research – The pragmatist agenda of multi-grounded practice research
 Goldkuhl, G; LAP revisited: Articulating information as social relation
 Goldkuhl, G; Separation or unity? Behavioral science vs. design science
 Goldkuhl, G; Röstlinger, A; Inter-organisational e-government: From four levels of interoperability to seven dimensions of co-governance
 Goldkuhl, G; The design of practice and the practice of design